12200 San Servando Ave, North Port, FL 34287, USA

Spent about 2 hours swimming in the Spring (truthfully, a large sinkhole caused by an underground spring). Unfortunately our swim was cut short by an impending storm. *Keep an eye on the weather (especially in the summer). They will call everyone in at the first sound of thunder and close. Swimming can not resume until half an hour after the last lightning strike within a 20 mile radius. As it was an hour and a half until closing time (5pm), they closed early for the day. Personally I did not think a 2 hour swim for $20 (we are outside of Sarasota County), was worth the money. However, water temperature was perfect and the swimming/floating area is huge for people over 18. *Parents – please read the rules and regulations before bringing children. If your kids are under @ 10 they will have to stay in a small roped off area, regardless of their swimming abilities. Expect some algae floating on top but we did not experience the sulfur smell so many complain of. Only a handful of visitors were speaking English (at least not amongst themselves), so don’t go expecting to make friends. There are plenty of uncomfortable green plastic chairs around the swimming area and lots of trees for shade.
Beware of the ants falling from the trees. Although they must spray for fire ants in the grass, I noticed large ants on the chairs and trees and came home with quite a few bites.
Overall not an unpleasant experience. Lifeguards were not paying the best attention. I noticed their chairs were mostly empty and they were busy chatting with guests or on their phones. If you’re not the best swimmer or tire easily, bring a pool noodle (the only floatation devices allowed) or stay on the edge (roped off). If you venture to the middle it’s a good distance back to safety and the water is 1000 + feet deep.
This Spring was formed before the ice age and populated by Paleolithic indigenous peoples. Read the history of the Springs before going, it’s fascinating.