1600 Ken Thompson Pkwy, Sarasota, FL 34236, USA

We mainly visited Mote to see the manatees but the other creatures at the zoo sounded good too.
We’re on vacation from the UK and having been to lots of aquariums at home and in Europe this is our favourite!
We spent about 5 hours here and had lunch in the little cafe which was lovely and cool as it was a really hot day and the animals are in both indoor & outdoor tanks. We watched the manatees, otters & gators being fed which was interesting & fun. It was great to use the ‘touch’ tanks to experience what rays, urchins, horseshoe crabs etc, something UK aquariums won’t let you do now.
We stayed for a last circuit of the center once the crowds had gone at 4.30pm when you could get close to the exhibits, the otters put on a great show play fighting and jumping in an ice box to cool off!
As a family of 4 with kids 15 & 19 it was a fantastic experience for $80 with coupons which we all thoroughly enjoyed, cheers to all the great staff!